Fuel and Chainsaw

Add something like this
Use on a tree = instantly 20 wood, tree is depleted.
Use on a zombie/animal = deal damage
Use on a chicken = chicken steals chainsaw and chases you with it
Use on Wood structure = deal damage


(Made by John Morris)

Super hard to craft, rare bluebrint or only lootable in crates (maybe a lumberjack-type shack in the woods??!?!)
Make it run on low quality fuel (lots of it per hit)

Or a regular/higher quality fuel
(low quality fuel put in a bucket through a filter, over a shitload of time, to make it awesomer)

I like your first post (Y).

Woah, nice chainsaw!

Better retopo that if you want it in a game :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking of this too… Great design though mate!

Yeah a huge, deadly and loud chainsaw is what we need.
Perfect for nightly raids (if you want to do it on the horror way).

But it would be great if you could chop trees with it.
One tree less, ~200 wood more.

noice, I reckon it should require low grade fuel to run it in game to balance out the fact that its y’know, a freakin chainsaw in a world of hatchets and rocks


The idea with the bucket is pretty neat.

But I think you would have to add something else to the fuel, like more filtered animal fat