Fueled Vehicles

Hello to everyone, just thought I would bring it out now, it still does have some bugs and I consider it still to be in Beta, but, I am bringing out the beta so that way I can get some feed back and ideas on if it’s a good or bad addon. This addon makes it where in order to drive a Jalopy and a Jeep (Or any vehicle in their classification including vehicles in the Huge Vehicle pack) require fuel and other various liquids. This mod requires LS:Oil, LS2, and Fixed Tiberium Pack. Which I included in my download. Not sure what more I am suppose to say here since I am a bit new to this, but I would like to give a large thanks to Gwahir (Co-Developer) and to the PBU group for allowing me to place this addon on their server to help get some feedback on it.

Download the Addon From the link below

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=67005 <------ New Download link, old file upload got deleted for some reason, removed Life Support items from the pack, File was still tagged as soon as it got uploaded though.


Dev Team:
Guppy80 ( Addon Management/Light Lua Coder)
Gwahir (Lua Coder Management)
PY004 (Beta+ Tester/Lua Coder)

To everyone who has watched this mod, today is the day for a new release, and a svn source for download. There has been a lot of modifications done to the mod so far, and I hope you enjoy them all.

SVN Download:


Beta v0.2 Garrysmod.org Download:

Change Log:

Beta v0.1
Project release
Added - Jalopy/Jeep Fuel Requirement Support
Added - Vehicle Damage
Added - Wire I/O
Fixed - Tiberium/Liquid Tiberium

Beta v0.2
Added - Airboat Fuel Requirement Support
Added - Speed Variable Fuel Consumption
Added - LS2 Oil Refinery Modification Released Beta v0.1 (PY004)
Fixed - Vehicle Damage
Removed - Tiberium/Liquid Tiberium Support

Beta v0.21
Fixed - Vehicle Damage
Fixed - LS2 Oil Refinery Mod Wire I/O | Beta v0.11

Beta v0.22
Fixed - Vehicle Damage glitch on player timeout/leave

Got reported fast, damn.

Yeah, I know, I think it got the reported thing because I named it close to some other mod possibly, but anyways. I probably should have gone with the name that it got dubbed on the PBU server hosted by Xero. CarP

Someone probably mistook it for the Fueled Mod by Master Chris. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=573927

Yeah, that’s what I was assuming, but it’s kinda hard to see that someone had flagged it when it was flagged as soon as I uploaded. but eh, oh well, least now I got a vid and pics up.

Give cars their own screens on spawn, get a prettier explosion, make them consume less fuel, like 1 per second, and make them consume different amounts of fuel depending on what you’re doing.

1 per 4 seconds if Idle, 1 per sec if in motion, 1 per 2 sec if in reverse, and 4 per sec while turboing.

Then you’ve got my download. Still an excellent start, though.

Yeah, those are plans for the full release, such as damage if no oil, velocity variabled fuel consumption and possible special addative for use of allowing turbo use. Other plans include this addon being able to work with the fixed version of Darkmatter I am running on my server so that it will be able to support Spacebuild ships as fueled vehicles and require darkmatter to be in the tank or your sea(s)t will be completely useless for wire outputs or even enterable. These are all just mainly concepts so far, mostly just looking for some community support on if this addon is worth following through to it’s completion.

So far the mod has full wire support with outputs and even has a wire input allowing you to remote start your vehicle and turn the vehicle off if someone hijacks it. Also has variabled fuel consumptions that are dependant on what combinations of fuel you have in your vehicle with your petrol, currently working on fixing the car damage bugs, making a repair stool, other possible additions is Hybrid fuel vehicles have been suggested to me.

Maybe make the engine smoke when damaged as well, to give fair warning. It’s like Super Easy Engine, this mod.

That’s passably doable. We were considering making visible damage or possible darker tint to the color of the vehicle.

Its doable cause all of its already been done. Easy Engine.

It also needs customizing parts kinda like Easy Engine had. Like, an attachment that sticks to the engine in order to use turbo, and attach a blower to the hood to get better fuel efficiency or sumpin. I can provide models if you need. :banjo:

@-TB-, This is Easy Engine, but with standard vehicles. I find this to be much easier, and I like it. Not to say easy engine is bad, but this has lots of potential.

Any ideas are welcome, and I might need some help with it sure, so far the mod has been set up to basically work around ontop of the vehicles themselves, couldn’t really go much further because it’s just the two of us working on it (Gwahir having a much father Lua knowledge then myself, but doing what I can). As for models and possible help with coding and furthering this mod, that’s all a really good idea, that was something I hadn’t even thought of, for the main part all this mod does is manipulate ontop of the vehicles themselves without really changing their core scripts, you can even turn off the mod with a convar command of sbox_fueled_vehicles (1 or 0)

Furhtermore, the way easy engine works and the way this mod works is completely different, I wanted this mod to be easy and not cause more clutter in the entities and or vehicles tab, I wanted it to be simple to use, but complicated enough to be entertaining, the way easy engine does it is they have and use their own entities, this mod however does not and manipulates on top of the Jalopy and Jeep.

Last time I looked you didn’t have it alert when the cvar was changed, it would be helpful if you added this.

Example of adding a cvar and alerting its change.

if SERVER && !ConVarExists(“sc_enabled”) then
CreateConVar( “sc_enabled”, “”, FCVAR_NOTIFY )

//Tells when the cvar defined above is changed…
function funcCallback(CVar, PreviousValue, NewValue)
print(CVar…" changed from “…PreviousValue…” to “…NewValue…”!")
cvars.AddChangeCallback(“sc_enabled”, funcCallback)

I’ll get you that model I mentioned before, hang on. It’s an awesome pack that should come in handy for the mod.

Check them out. They are really good.

Oh yeah, pimp mod, I’ve had and known of that for a while, it’s doable, but might be a little tricky since those models would need to be turned into entities that would look for and work with the Jalopy/Jeep/Airboat and other vehicles.

I’ll look into the convar notice Shane

I condone the use of Pimp mod in this modification.

Lol, alright alright, well, little bit at a time, this mod is far from finished.

Aww. I clicked the thread noticing you replied and was like “UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE :bang:”

Also, Petrolmod is broken. Try and base it on something else.

Petrol isn’t broken for LS2, works perfectly fine, you might have a outdated version of it, if so I could include a working version of the LS:Oil mod with my next update.

FYI, planned additions to the next BETA update is variable fuel consumption. I’ll try to keep you updated on the ETA