Fuffa Films

We are a Finnish film group dedicated to making machinimas based on Gmod. Fuffa Films was found in January 2009 by Vincenso, and I appear to have assumed the position of a PR-guy of sorts.

We currently have around 15 members(most of which are less active), and we have already made a few small machinimas, a few of which I will embed here.

The rest can be viewed at http://fuffafilms.com/ourfilms.html or http://www.youtube.com/user/FuffaFilms. Please do note that the homesite is not updated very frequently and only the best videos are added there, so its not a complete list.

A rather psychedelic music video in which Kleiner is a murderer.

Description from Youtube: This is simply a slaughter. Dark and bloody image of murderer.

Down Fall
Its Gman! And he gets pushed into the bottomless pit by a mingebag(who is obviously just disguised as a CP). But have no fear, Kleiner is here! He plunges into the abyss, and attempts to catch Gman.

I’d rather not have this thread clouded by people answering to the guestion shown in the ending, just go to this video on Youtube and leave your answer on a comment there. Thanks.

Combined - Teaser Trailer
Ok, so this is the real deal. The film why Vincenso founded Fuffa Films.

Its about a guy that is captured by the Overwatch and brainwashed into a combine. But then the programming begins to fail, and he starts seeing flashbacks of his previous life, and starts doubting his masters. Its basically a story about the dark, brainwashed and confused mentality which is utterly shattered when he discovers his real memories under the brainwashed ones.


Q: OMGOMGOMG WHEN IS Insert machinima name here COMING OUT??!?!?
A: I’d say “Its done when its done” but thats such a cliche.

Q: If you’re from Finland, do you only take Finnish guys into the team?
A: Absolutely not! We need foreigners as well, mostly for voice acting, but that doesn’t stop one from applying anyways now does it :wink:

Q: Alright, how do I sign up?
A: Go here and read the thread with the right language for you(should be pretty obvious which one). Then just register and make a thread with the required info.

I’ll add more to the FAQ if/when you guys ask the same question more than once.

Also, please do note that the opinions provided about the films are my own, and do not represent the official opinions of the Fuffa Films team.

But this is moar awesome

Waaat, I didn’t remember :raise:


Whatever, this is like 5x Epic

Whoever voiced the narrator in Combined, reminds me of Edward Norton for some reason…

That would be me.


And do keep in mind, that that was just a teaser trailer.

youve obvioulsy got some skill here, but i recommend you avoid makeing films set in the hl2 universe. its kinda boring and the source engine alows you to do soo much more, people just arnt useing the advange that makes hl2 machinma soo much better then halo and gta stuff.

Our main project, Combined, is set in the HL2 universe. The rest are just for fillers/practise/showing people that the group is not dead.

I am not obliged to release any info about how far the process for Combined is, but I assure you its going to be some time.

The Honeymooners ftw!



btw, We are still looking for voice actors and music composers. Check the first post!

that was fucking brutal and awesome. That video was the most hardcore video Iv seen made in garrys mod. I love the part were he is being dragged and how the lighting made kliner creepy looking.

Thank you ! Thank you thank you thank you! I spent 6.5 hours last night working on that. So it makes my day to hear someone likes it : )


And yes, more comments please!

More opinions and suggestions are welcomed, and hoped for.

I’d also like to remind that we are still looking for capable team members, check the FAQ for info on applying.