Fugitive on a Hover Bike exchanging fire with Police Speeders...

No it is not inspired by Blade Runner. Was actually the chase scene from Judge Dredd that I got the idea from.

Roughly 12 hours editing, and I had to scene build a majority of it. This was mostly a huge lighting effect test. Was messing around with the thin and stretched light beams and the subtle rainbow-y lens flare on the headlight of the hoverbike. I’m also trying more and more to draw my own effects, the only things that I didn’t make from scratch was the smoke and the explosions. The lasers, repulsors, and lighting effects are all hand made.

Compare to the Original!

I’m not too satisfied with the green glowing repulsors so don’t bug me on that, and I know most of the flaws such as:

(don’t click if you don’t have any problems with the pic)

[sp]-The city doesn’t seem that lively in the background (somebody really needs to make an awesome neon-y cyberpunk city)
-The ugly brick textures are ugly.
-The pawn shop windows are kinda messed up.
-The smoke from Francis’s rocket pistol is weird looking.
-The whole thing is kind of a clusterfuck, but I like it that way =3[/sp]

By the way, if anybody comes in here crying


Then I kindly ask you to take a surgical saw to your skull, pull out your brain, and feed it to starving orphans… because it clearly isn’t doing anything useful right now.

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Explosion on the left side, looks weird but everything else looks nice.
Editing could have been better from someone like you :stuck_out_tongue:

But you still deserve the artistic :smiley:

HOLY GOOD edit ye got there…

That black floor near the bottom of the pic kind of kills the ‘1000 foot-high’ future building style.

Which black floor?

nearby the hovercraft in the very back, that black floor

That’s not a floor, that’s a wall… (albeit a very, very, black wall)

the explosions seem a little off, then again i’m straining to keep awake so wooden goodness for you.

Gratitous explosions, grundged out flying cars, cyber-punk police chases, and lens flare! It’s everything 2010 was going to be back in the 80’s!

You and your awesome explosions and scene builds :3:

I can’t think of any other way to reply other than saying that this comment makes me happy.



the hell? Did this die already?

Not your best work.

Great prop-placement, idea and posing but the explosions kinda look too recognisable from previous pictures and have an air of “copy and paste” about them.

Still a damn nice picture, but one has to be a harsh critic to the best.

Awsome, really nice picture.

the explosions doesn’t really fit in.
I don’t think francis would be smiling when firing a gun shooting bullets with ?smoke trails? after them.


And I don’t get the feeling that the vehicles behind francis are moving.

Nice, but where is screaming Rob Schnieder?

Who says they’re bullets? That’s a rocket pistol my good man.

Yea, I ended up being too lazy to add motion blur… I felt it would only make the picture more muddled than it already is.

Francis threw him off the bike.

Damn that’s a good looking picture :smiley:
From the smoke, to the glow, and to everything else! :smiley:

Thank God.

Epic shit.

Now I know why Francis hates cops.