Full Gamebanned In Rust Mistakenly

I would like to know why i have been full Gamebanned please as i have not been cheating and even just accomplished my first raid on my community regular server. I tried too enter into my regular server today and then tried another server and another and so on and so forth and all keep telling me i’ve been in-game banned? i don’t know why but as you can probably see on my steam profile that i have only owned the game for less than 2 weeks now and even gifted it to my partner as i love the game heaps and so does she. Please i would like to continue playing Rust and i believe 100% firmly that whatever has happened is a false positive please look into this further. Also i do believe some false positives have occurred lately such as roof campers like myself admittedly and some serious issues like getting banned due to bad ping, which happens allot to me, the bad ping i mean.

PS. The VAC ban that i have on my profile was for COD: MWF2 or 3 i can’t remember but it is more than 3 years old and i will openly admit that it was deserved too.

PPS. Please only post comments if they are helpful and not hateful.

Here is my steam profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/slysnake96/

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

I believe you. I’ll unban you in the next unban wave.

I however do not believe you as you are not a dev, admin, moderator or moderator recruit

You were browsing mpgh yesterday for the homebrew projects and not the hacks, right?

I don’t even know what “homebrew” is. The only kind of “homebrew” i know is when you make alcohol at home such as beers and spirits. Also didn’t i specifically add to my help request not to comment unless it is to help, NOT! hate?

Well, you’re definitely showing up on the official Rust hack report twitter, so someone from EAC will post here soon enough.

Also, don’t try to act stupid about MPGH. You appear to have an account there, and it’s not hard to find.


There was nothing hateful about their post, so I don’t see where you’re trying to go with that.

Yes i have an account there but haven’t been on it for ages and I believe the previous comment was a snide way of trying to call me a hacker. Yes i admit i have hacked games in the past such as COD MWF 2 or 3 but that’s ancient history to me and all hacks i look for nowadays are for single player only such as simple trainers and such so please don’t judge me too harshly based on my past from when i was admittedly stupid.

Recent Activity: 1 Day ago. Hmmmmmm…


-snip :ninja:

One day does not an age make, my friend. I’m not judging you here, but trying to say you haven’t been there for ages when the account explicitly states that it was last active one day ago reflects rather badly against your statement.

You also asked for hacks to an mmo game just last month.

mpgh BUSTED hacker

sorry did i forget dumb

I love these threads. Keep them coming cheaty mofos!

really optimistic.

i play robocraft too, btw. so seeing your “old” account on a hack site helping out dipshits hacking such a fun little game pisses me off, so you certainly get no sympathy from me.

but why embarrass yourself like this? why would anyone believe that you are “now legit” when you have a history of hacking, and have just been banned by the anticheat?

The ban is permanent.

Die in a grease fire you piece of shit.

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literal flaming.

Well, I read all of the replys here and I came to conlusion that u have been hacking. So, here is a suggestion for you:

Step 1: Open a new steam account
Step 2: Buy the copy of rust again
Step 3: Delete ur account in the hacking site (stupid site, lmfao)
Step 4: Don’t download any stupid hacks, not even for fun. Oh, and don’t ask for unban if you do so. If you downloading a hacks, at least don’t wirte in google “Rust hacks 2016 not get caught”.

Have a good day hacker :smiley: