"Full" Gravity Gun Model

I was wondering if anyone could model the HL2 Gravity gun with every part of the model and texture, and make the Viewmodel as same as the Worldmodel. What I mean is this:

On this side it’s all cool:


But here (Looked from the right side):


A guy already made it but did not release it.





Isn’t there one in your :
Was in mine.

Terrible, terrible reading of the OP.

The problem with what you’re asking is that the model will be extremely laggy; the other side of the viewmodel is never seen and is therefore culled from the model (not rendered) to save memory.

Terrible reading here too.

He wants the worldmodel to look like the viewmodel but the full model, what I posted above.

his point still applies, but anyone with a post-2006 computer could probably handle it

No it does not.
Unless offcourse, you have a pc that was made in 2004.
Which Nick(OP) in this case does not.

Oh… shit.
You’re right, my bad.
Sorry about that.

Let there be light!

But yeah how come that guy never released his model you mentioned earlier? He said it’s useless given the fact that most times there is nothing to look at World models? Is he kidding? This could be so damn valuable right now.

On a build server in GMod you see the phys and gravity gun 60% of the time.

My point, I don’t understand why he didn’t release it…

Gmod overwrites any of the client’s files with the ones in the GCF so it wouldn’t work in Gmod so he saw no point in releasing it

Even the front view I don’t consider to be “good”

Where did most of your arm go?

You do not understand that we can just put the models and materials into our garrymod/garrysmod folder then it will work?

Because skinning the viewmodel works so everything else should too.

No, you’re just wrong.

Stop trying to talk about things you don’t understand.