Full L4D In Hammer (Entities, Models, Materials)

***Left 4 Dead Custom-SDK***

    Written by Fearlezz, Occlusion and NovaSilisko

Me and a friend have just written a tutorial on how to get all the content from L4D, including entities, models and materials into hammer. It should work, and it won’t mess up your current settings!

Step 1 - Creating a new mod

Open up Source SDK. Choose The Orange Box as the engine, and press “Create a Mod”.

Choose Half-Life 2 Multiplayer. Now fill in the directory. Doesn’t matter where you install it. I choose to install it *C:\Program\Left4Fake*. Name; Left4Fake. The name is totally random and you can put in whatever you want.

However, I recommend that you do now put Left 4 Dead, or Left4dead. Since it might screw up your SDK when the official SDK is released for L4D

When its done copying the new files, click continue and then next. Now close down Source SDK and follow the step below.

Step 2 - Extracting Materials and Models

Files Needed
-VPK Extractor(http://blog.gib.me/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/extractpackage2.zip)

Okay, now you need to add the materials and models from l4d to your new mod. Download the VPK extractor
and run it (Green Icon). Now press extract and find the file called “pak01_dir.vpk” which is in this

drive:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\left4dead\left4dead

Then another browse box will come up. Now find the mod you just created in your SourceMods Folder (SteamApps\SourceMods\Left4Fake) and press ok. The process of extraction can take around 10 minutes, so don’t worry if it takes a while. Now if you were to open your mod with hammer you would see the new textures, but no new models or entities. That’s what we are going to fix now!

Step 3 - Fixing the models

Files Needed
-Name Changer Bat(http://www.savefile.com/files/1908708)

First off, you need to download the above file that I’ve created, and Corion on L4Dmaps.net has written the code for. It will change the model names so they work with the current hammer.

Extract this .Bat file to your mod model folder, where you have extracted the L4D models (**SteamApps\SourceMods\Left4Fake\models**). If there isn’t any models folder, you’ve done something wrong :S.

Now Run this file, double click it and a new batch window should pop up. This process will take a while, it copies and deletes different files to make the models work for you =).

When it is done, you should now have working textures and models in hammer. Although, something is missing, doesn’t it? Oh right, the entities, well, lets get started on that then :slight_smile:

Step 4 - Adding the Entities

Files Needed
-Left4Dead.fgd(Link) - Thanks to Terrenteller for that.

The final thing to do here is to add the entities. Lets start by downloading the left4dead.fgd

Open up hammer, with your custom mod selected. Go to Tools>Options
and a new window should pop up.

It should look something like this:

Now add the left4dead.fgd that you downloaded. It should look like this after;

I have my .fgd on the desktop, not in the same directory as the other .fgd’s or my mod.

Step 5 - Making Hammer automatically launch L4D after Compile

Welcome to the final step, to make Hammer launch Left 4 Dead after you have compiled your map, this will also save your maps in the maps folder. Open up the options menu again.

The other options should be following;
Game Executable Directory:

Game Directory:

Hammer VMF Directory:

You’ll need to create a new folder.

Step 6 - Restart Hammer and Enjoy!

Guess what? Your done, enjoy the new hammer and don’t forget to say thanks to the below people!

Special thanks to:
NovaSilisko (at l4dmaps.net)
Corion (at l4dmaps.net)

Post any questions below and i’ll get to you asap.

Holy Shit!

Someone quick, Do shaun of the dead!

Thanks, I was wondering how to fix the models. It’s very useful but you might want to put the actual tutorial on facepunch rather than linking to fps banana.

So how did you get the entities? :slight_smile:

It says all in the tutorial

It doesn’t tell how they got the fgd, though… Wait, am I missing something?

This is cool.

Oh hell yes, thanks mate.


The FGD was probably custom made using their knowledge of L4D entities (http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/List_of_Left_4_Dead_entities)

We got it from this page;

Good god! This is amazing. Have an invisible cookie.

Dear god, I feel like reinstalling the Source SDK.


What is going on here?

I would, they have really knocked stuff up a notch with this one. The new materials are much better, and there are hundreds of new models. Thanks for all the feedback. I’m updating the first post now.

I’ve restarted several time to no avail.


I just did the tutorial again from scratch and it’s worked this time, God knows what went wrong before :raise:

-snip fixed-

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It works!

Thanks a lot! :excited:

New version of GCFScape support VPK.

I think i’ll wait for the SDK… It won’t be long now.

Indeed I noticed that GCF Scape update… quite useful :3:

It’s gonna be a while before we see an SDK update.