Full Life Weapons Pack (v 1.0)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Full Life Weapons Pack (v 1.0)

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] W_models weapons pack

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half Life 2, GMOD 9, a brain.

[tab]Download:[/tab] FILEFRONT

[tab]-Ben_Wolfe-[/tab] Thanks for re uploading this, you too people don’t forget to thank him (GIVE HIM A GOLD STAR!).

The “Full Life Weapons Pack” contains w_models only, they are not SWEPS. This pack will have patches once in a while adding new weapons, and fixing any problems that the people who downloaded finds. None of these weapons has been modeled or skined by me. I only hexed them, you will find the credits and how to install it on the “READ ME”. If you had anything to do with any of these weapons, and you are not in the credits tell me so I can fix it. That goes as well for any problems like missing texture or spawn codes, or anythign at all.

For now enjoy it!


 Please rate and comment it, and tell your friends. :P 


  **Full Life Weapons Pack (v1.0): **

Size: 212.19 MBs.
Ammount of weapons: 113 (alphabetic order):


  1. Dirty Harry
  2. Colt Anaconda
  3. Colt Python
  4. M29 Satan
  5. Ranging Bull (original skin)
  6. Ranging Bull (black)



  1. Anics Skif F-3000
  2. Automag 44
  3. Beretta 92
  4. Beretta 92 (Silenced)
  5. Colt 4
  6. D.Eagle (black)
  7. D.Eagle (gold)
  8. Glock 17
  9. Glock 19
  10. Glock 27
  11. Kimber II (Gold)
  12. Kimber II (Silver)
  13. Kimber S.W.A.T
  14. P228 (2tone)
  15. P228 (black)
  16. P99
  17. Ruger
  18. STI Executive
  19. SVI Infinity


**Machine Pistol(s):**

  1. Hybrid TMP
  2. Mini Uzi
  3. VZ.61 Skorpion (folded)
  4. VZ.61 Skorpion (unfolded)



  1. Jackhammer
  2. M3 Super 90
  3. M3 Super 90 (tactical)
  4. Spas 12
  5. Spas 12 unfolded
  6. XM 1014 White Eagle



  1. H&K MP5A2
  2. H&K MP5A3
  3. H&K MP5A4
  4. H&K MP5A5
  5. H&K MP5K
  6. H&K MP5SD
  7. H&K MP5 SOP MOD
  8. H&K MP-7 PDW
  9. H&K MP-9 PARA
  10. M4A1 9mm
  11. MP5 SOPMOD
  12. P90
  13. P90 Rhyno
  14. S&W M76
  15. Spectre M4
  16. UMP 45 Assault
  17. Walther MPL


**Assault Rifle(s):**

  1. AK-101
  2. AK-101 (woodland camo)
  3. AK-47(black)
  4. AK-47 Urban Camo
  5. AR-70
  6. AUG Desert Camo
  7. Carbine 15
  8. Car 15 (blackhawk)
  9. Car-15 (desert)
  10. Enforcer (black)
  11. Enforcer (wood)
  12. F2000
  13. Famas (+light)
  14. Famas QBZ-95
  15. FN Fal
  16. FN Fal (Spec-Ops)
  17. FN Fal (wood)
  18. G36
  19. G36 (AIM+Supressor)
  20. Galil
  21. H&K G3
  22. M14 Synthetic Black
  23. M14 Synthetic Dark Green
  24. M14 Wood Style
  25. M16A1 (Vietnam)
  26. M16A2
  27. M16A4
  28. M16A4 + M203
  29. M4A1 Avenger
  30. M4A1 (double mag)
  31. M4A1 (mega)
  32. M4A1 (SOP)
  33. Sako 92
  34. SG552
  35. SR-16 Intercepter
  36. Ukrainian VEPR
  37. XM8 (Combo)



  1. AK-47 + Bipod
  2. AKS-74U Scoped
  3. Dragunov SVD
  4. H&K SL8
  5. LR-300 Scoped
  6. M16A1
  7. M4A1 + Bipod
  8. M76
  9. PTO AWP
  10. Remington 76
  11. Spezz M14-21


**Machine Gun(s): **

  1. H&K 23e
  2. H&K 23e (New Zealand v.)
  3. H&K MG36
  4. M4 PARA
  5. M249 SAW
  6. M60


**Explosives/Nades/Granade Launcher(s)**

  1. C2
  2. C4
  3. M79 Launcher (new)
  4. M79 Launcher (old)



  1. H&K Kicthen Knife
  2. PHP Kabar
  3. SOG Desert Dagger


PS: Please excuse any gramar error, english is not my first launguage.

PSS:For those who are having trouble with missing texture and etc. All you have to do is extract the .rar file into


. That’s all.

Hurray it’s out. Great job.

Holy hell, there is some nice stuff in there. Good job.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks rather cool downloading. :slight_smile:

Totally worth it, downloading. Thanks.

Yep! :smiley:

Deleted SAWP just to get this. :smiley:

Wow! :smiley:

Erm… make a release that doesn’t have all the guns Codesta, hellboy and I hexed…

Seriously, good job and all, but almost every single one of them is in an alternative pack…

Did you credit the authors and make spawn icons?

Not bad. Useful, since I haven’t downloaded the SAW2… damn huge and freezes halfway.

are they sweps or are they jus props that jack hammer looks like it’s from saw pack 2

Read the post, you fucking idiot.

I’m not making a smaller one, I don’t even know which is on which pack and all. For those who already have small packs, delete them. For those who don’t, enjoy.

And yes, i credit every single one that had something to do with the w_models.

Sweet. You can never have to many guns. Doubles or not xD

Yeah! More guns!

It’s good. But some people can’t use .rar’s, like me. Could you release again in a Compressed Folder? Or a folder, or a zipfile? Please?

Just download WinRAR, it’s better than anything else, and it’s free.

Kewl dood :smiley:

Wow nice pack.
Will download it.But DON’T make it on filefront it’s so fucking slow