Full Release of new Rust?

Is there a date when the Experimental Rust will go full release? :slight_smile:

No official date declared, still Metabolism, Vehicles, Electricity, Siege Mechanics, and tons of other big features to work through first.

The game is still in alpha. It hasn’t even hit the beta stage yet. If I was a betting man, I’d say late 2016 at the very earliest.

alpha since December 2013, baby!

It’s never going out of Alpha!

It will just keep going - and every year need a better computer to run.

you mean finished? yeah, that’s not gonna be for a while. no date has been set, and it’s unlikely they ever will give a deadline.

There are games which are in alpha as an excuse, and then there is rust.

We and most likely the developers dont know what it will turn out. If I have to guess, rust is the least pre-planned early access game ever made. You dont see real “plans” and list of features for the game, you can expect ANYTHING to happen with this game. And I am telling that in a positive way as the game is in good hands.

Rust is the gmod of survival games.

To me, it feels like they had a basic concept they hashed out with Legacy as a prototype. They took what they liked about it, discarded what they didn’t, and started the development of the current Rust. Since then, it looks like they’ve pretty much been winging it. They have some ideas and concepts, but nothing set it in stone. And as they come up with new ideas that fit the bill, they add them in.

That’s pretty much it.

Well, maybe “Full Release” was the wrong wording. What I meant is: Is there a date when they want to have finished the basic concept, so they can go beta (or something like this). Even a Full Release game is not a finished product. Minecraft or Terraria (and many other games) got tons of content updates, even after 1.0 release.

Because as long as its Alpha, I dont want to start, since to many things will change

I have a feeling Rust will be released in the next 6 months, and then they will keep improving it. Didn’t Garry say something like that. I guess they need to finish the work on performance first though. Maybe 6 months to 1 year - then a release.

The game is getting pretty cool.

They still have not added aspects of survival such as fishing yet, and there were discussions that have not been finalized yet of contracting out a voxel-based engine to layer over Rust’s current engine, in-order to add mining/digging into the game.

Even after that, we still have everything from terrain to be finished, vehicles, weapons/armour, modifications, hunting revamps, A.I. revamps, etc. etc. etc.

I am honestly not expecting Rust to be officially released until late 2016 - early/mid 2017. And even after that, I am under the impression that we will see regular updates.

2 years and 42 days.

i’ll be honest then, this is probably something you should come back to in a years time to see how it is going. otherwise enjoy the development cycle and those changes.