Full size space ship with interior

A few days ago, I started sketching the interior design of a spaceship I would like made. I don’t know how possible it is to make a giant physprop with a fully traversable interior. I then started to make a layout with Google Sketchup (since it’s the only CAD program I can use). It’s a pretty big job because it’s detail oriented (although the Sketchup layout does not reflect the detail). I don’t know how feasible this even is to be honest since there’s a lot of stuff, plus I would like actual doors (sliding doors) and a working elevator (the elevator is noted by the blocks that go down each level).

Here are some pictures (big pictures, sorry):
Level one:


Level 2


Level 3: Hanger


The first level contains the bridge (not pictured), some office space, a brig, conference room A and B, male living quarters with bathroom and shower, female living quarters with bathroom and shower, and a library with some bookshelves and some computers.

The second level contains a dining area with a kitchen and some vending machines, a bathroom (male/female), and an infirmary with two operating rooms.

The third level contains the hanger. The ships are just for show and not really to be modeled. If possible the block under the elevator can be like a hanger control room.

For more information, you can consult the Sketchup file and post or PM me with any questions.

this needs to be done.


and if it doesn’t get done as a model, repost it in map requests.

OK. I figured if it’s too much to be made as a model, I would expand on it and make it into like an RP sort of map idea.

The only issue I see with making that a model is making a custom collision mesh

This would be better done as a map. Usefully enough, there’s a converter to export SketchUp models as basic maps.

If this was a model, that would be amazing! I’d image all kinds of horrors happening if a bunch of players were inside and someone picks it up with the Phys gun and starts shaking it around.

But as the others said, that’s a pretty big job. A map would be a better fit for something this detailed. Post this in the mapping section because this would be great if someone created it.