Full sized realistically-controlled glider

After watching all of Sparrow’s fin tutorials, I built this. It uses only fin control surfaces and wings. A thruster can be added to use it as a transport.

Its built of: two bathtubs, a dock pole, 10 wood fences, metal plates (phx) (for control surfaces) and hydrolics.

I’ll add in cockpit pics later.

Please comment and suggest.

whats so realistic about it its cockpit is made of bathtubs… :crossarms:

The realism comes from the control surfaces as apposed to thrusters for control

What map is that?

That doesn’t make it realistic, it just means it has finned control surfaces.

The map is gm_slopes by Sparrow. look in map releases.

Since most people use thrusters its more realistic than those

Than your thread should have said “Realistically Controlled Glider”.


thanks for changing the title.

Makes sense. But overall its irrelivant

Regardless it isn’t very good, sure it uses finned control surfaces but it looks like crap to be honest. Make the plane first, then worry about the surfaces. It seems like you did it the other way around.

I built it (the plane) first (before the controls), but with functionality in mind, not prettyfullness. This was my first stab at a full sized fin controlled glider. I could mess around with materials and make it look good. I built it to use on private games between my brother and I (With a thruster) because niether of us want to use noclip

Yeah that’s fine for a first, just don’t post them unless you go for a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Its just average, just keep building and don’t complain

I added cargo holds to it with weld latch :smiley:

It looks classic and awesome although not a masterpiece of a model :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good! just put a new material on it and it will look brilliant :slight_smile:

yeah, for what ever reason the material didnt occur to me. I will have to try that. The control surfaces especially, because they are orange:P


You can only make something look so good before it laggs, spazes, or looses all stability, but I do plan to expierement more with the idea and see if I can make anything that looks better. There is room for improvement, as that one wasnt very hard to get off the ground. Now I need a towplane so I might make that next or modify one of my existing planes

I saw this and I was like “Oh oh oh it’s magic!” I really like it a lot! You MUST upload this!!! please please please upload it!!! I love anything with bathtubs in it! I don’t know why bu I love this thing so much!!!

I was planning to keep this personal. I might give it to out though… I will make more. I have a nice transport. (Cessna type plane) that flys using the same method. If enough people ask i will release. but I will probably release a later one intended for release. Mine was build to protect me from my minge brother while still offering destructability. I will release something better for you guys and continue updating my fin planes on this thread.

Why dont you watch Sparrow’s fin tutorials. Thats how I learned to make mine. I used duel imputs instead of and e2. (look for other tuts on this) search: gmod airplane control surfaces ( a few variations of that) and you should get something that will help. Nothing will give you the gratification of making your own, trust me. Even if I do release I suggest trying it for yourself so you can design planes for your own purposes. The one shown here doubled as a fun glider and a transport for non noclip. It has cargo holds for carrying props and grabbers for heavy props.

The general rule of thumb on Facepunch is that if you build for practicality before you build for looks, it had better do something fantastic and original or else it’s just another plane and people will complain about it.

Well I havent seen many fin controlled planes here…
nor many gliders