full wipe before game goes public. (not just map)


Sorry if this has been asked but I’ve searched the last 15 pages on forum and couldn’t find an answer.

Will there be a full wipe before game goes public i.e blueprints and all items us alpha players have collected not just a map wipe a whole new start?


Yeah there will be, a full wipe has happened like 3 or 4 times already, its nothing special

OK that great thank you.

Any date public will be on?

when it’s ready

The game is nowhere near close to going public, but I’m sure this will happen.

Even if there wasn’t a wipe, it wouldn’t be a big deal. You gain easy, you lose easy.

And award to most wise man on Rust, Alex_DeLarge.

Almost everything is subject to change so they’ll have multiple wipes before full release I predict.

Actually, it looks like Rust keys will be for sale soon, but they will be sold in increments. Although, it’s only speculation, In Garry’s last blog post, said

Along with with Starpluck saying in this thread that

He said this about 4-6 hours ago.

I hope theres going to be a full wipe soon including research. The fact no one has anything for the first few hours and when you craft + research an m4 the sense of glee you get, knowing you have something valuable. Now everyone i kill has an m4 :frowning:
The amount of empty bases gets annoying as well.
I’m not sure if the empty bases is causing the lag, but last night it was really bad. I’m from the UK i dont know how you Americans are finding it but it was as someone said on my TS it’s like a powerpoint presentation.

Slightly off topic:
Is there a list published anywhere of what the devs are hoping to implement in the future or a rumour list created by the community that anyone knows of?

i really flipping hope so that what starpluck said is true , im gonna be watching these forums all day

I think what he meant with “public” is either going open beta or release the game, not releasing a bunch of keys for the current state of the game

Even though I’m not a developer, it’s normal for a game to reset itself when it goes from closed beta to open beta and from open beta to release.

The state the game is in currently is Pre-alpha/alpha. Alpha is the state where developers add features and take away features. Because of this, wipes will become quite common. Don’t forget you’re not just playing the game but also to report bugs.

Just wait. The game will get better and better.

How ever it will end i would like to buy this game ! i think garry and the other devs did a great work the game has no own idea but they made the feature that you can craft items what dayZ or warZ didnt. You can wear clothes like it will be in dayZ stand alone and you can craft Stuff. I think it will be the best Zombie mmo :wink:

I think the game get BEST !

I think the wipe is a good thing, like in warz

Wipes occur regularly since it’s still in it’s early stages, I wouldn’t really expect them after the game is fully released though.

I don’t even have the game, and even I know It will be wiped before release…