Fullbright Props in darkness

I made a map with a lot of dark areas, but any props in the area go fullbright whenever they’re in complete darkness. Is there a command to fix this?

picture of those “fullbright” props?

This was an old map a while back, but I can make a map real quick

old map but somehow you bothered to post issue of it?

It’s been bugging me for a while but I never got around to asking anyone


Must be my laptop’s crappy graphics card then, looks fine on the desktop :ms:

It sounded like an env_cubemap issue.

This only happens to me when I have toggle lights. :unsmith:
(That’s right, puke your guts out at the thought of butchering lightmaps with toggling lights!)

That seems most likely, since I got this in beta and I only add cubemaps during the final compilation.

This happens to me alot. Is there anyway i can solve this problem?

Add and build your cubemaps

Nevermind. I think i know where i went wrong.