Fullmetal Alchemist mods!

Hey! I’ve noticed that garrysmod.org has like, no Fullmetal Alchemist mods, except for some aight models someone made. Which is a little suprising to me. Due to how absolutely awesome FMA is.
Any modders looking for work? Because we could really use some FMA mods, and I know I’m not the only one who wants em, and its empty territory, meaning if you were to make some good FMA models, Playermodels, NPC’s Ect… You’d be the first!
C’mon, we need some good FMA mods! :slight_smile:

(Also, if you know of a place besides garrysmod.org that has some good FMA mods, I’d love to know!)

Stop speaking like a woman, using unnecessary punctuations, and unnecessary capitalizations, then we’ll talk about modding. Plus the thread should go here.