this is not very important, but is a bit annoying. When i start gmod, the game doesnt appear fullscreen. This just happen today… i know maybe your thinking, i change some of the settings but no, in settings all seems to be normal, i also check windows screen settings and they’re normal too.

if you didn’t undestand what i’m saying look a this example, this is how it looks


thanks in advance.

what do you mean exactly? are there are pillar-boxes or its running in windowed?

no it’s not running windowed, those two black pillars just appear but i don’t know why the screen settings still normal.

when you are at video settings, make sure under full screen it says widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 instead of standard 4:3

it was on 4:3 but i also try change it to 16:9 and 16:10 but still the same

try raising the resolution under 16:9, and restarting gmod. but i think the problem has something to do with the aspect ratio

ok let me try this

no it didn’t work

Maybe just do this:

  1. Change the aspect ratio first to widescreen (usually 16:9).
  2. Then change your resolution to the one you usually use.
  3. Press apply.
    Hope this helps!

What resolution is your monitor?

i’ll give it a try.


1280x800 sorry i forgot to say that this is a laptop.


didin’t work too, but thanks i was also hoping this works

Well, I have a wider monitor that yours. That’s it.
My resolution is 1920x1080.
On the gmod main menu, press the Print Screen key (located on the top-right corner of your keyboard) and exit Garry’s Mod. Go to Paint, and paste the screenshot there. Save the screenshot (if it does paste something) onto somewhere accessible. Now post that image.

is funny that you say that cuz is the first thing i try to do, but when i paste it the picture don’t show the problem. That’s why i made the paint thing for you to see what’s happening, also i realized that the problem is not only in gmod is also in other valve games such as half life 2 and episode 1.

I’m going to give you the same answer like some other guy gave me, you’re playing in Mspaint

uuh… what do you mean ?

Does the game get squashed or shows normally inside the black bars?

yes shows normally inside the black bars

Try holding Shift and hitting Print Screen. This will attempt to copy EVERYTHING your screen is displaying.

Do you have Nvidia or ATi graphics card ?

thanks for trying to help with this, but i found out what’s causing the problem it’s caused by another game… a pool game.

thanks everybody

Are you on Windows 7? When you run a game that is in smaller resolution than your screen in Windows 7 it pastes inside the screen instead of stretching it.