Fully Ai Noded maps

Yo, does anyone know of any Gmod maps that are fully AI noded and are quite large?
Thanks .
Also, none of these maps…
GM_excess waters


Look it up.


Most of the HL2 coast maps are fully noded, but you need to disable the antlion spawners on them.
To do so, go to the developer console and type ** ent_dump ***

This will bring up a list of all of the entities for the map. Look for the one along the lines of Player_Surface_trigger or something like that.

Once you’ve found the entity, type ent_fire_insert name of entity here kill

This will get rid of the script that spawns antlions when you reach them.

There are a few rp_HalfLife maps on garrysmod.org, so take a look at those.
Most of the driving bits of episode 2 are fully noded as well.

If you don’t already know how to check for nodes, type ai_nodes in the developer console.

Hope this helps

I think “nav_generate” will auto node the map, or is that just TF2?

Thats a whole different system that doesn’t work for Gmod

srp_arp_thegarbage_v4_9 works too