Fully customized perp

Been working on a custom perp for ages. Looking to sell for the right price.

Currently has:

ALL TDM cars which is around 45 cars (High Definition cars) with prices all fixed + scripts fixed + prices done + all custom paints that work. (took me ages to get it working)
Every spawn position is fixed/edited
Custom bank robbing system.
Custom way to drop money instead of only doing the trade menu (quicker to do deals with people). Includes the model that falls to ground.
Edited so vip/gold/regular players all have different weed/cocaine/meth limits.
Vip's save to database so its easier to manage. (or link to auto donation system)
Custom road spikes for cops which disable cars.
New job which is a taxi. People auto pay when they hop into taxi.
New items. eg: Sniper with its own custom ammo which u can craft. Morphine (gives damage resistance), Kelvar vest. + many more items + guns
Tow truck can now fully impound. only way to recover car is to talk to impounder
Every bug fixed ingame including all exploits.
Can flip weed using gravity gun and left clicking. (or i can include a custom weapon which allows you to flip weed)
Cocaine + Meth + Weed to grow and all bug free/working.
Drug timers on all drugs besides shrooms (percentage bar which looks good).
Gold weapon shop.
Custom Q menu to open inventory. (also can use f2)
All radio streams updated
Custom Advertisement system (allows to advertise vips etc etc)
3 drug dealers + all atm's fixed
Custom org radio which allows everyone in org to talk to each other via voice.
Can also include a custom org system i was working on which you can change ranks of players + giver permissions etc etc.
Edited zombie event.
Fixed weather system so it doesn't snow all the time and snow actually removes off ground when its finished snowing.

I have forgotten alot of things i have done but your welcome to come on my server and test it all out before buying.
Everything is working flawlessly and i have been running this server for a few months now without any troubles.

PM me on here if you would like to work out a deal for this perp.

(User was banned for this post ("Selling stolen content" - Grea$eMonkey))

No. Get out. Stop trying to sell stolen gamemodes.


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and that’s my final offer!

Stop selling gamemodes you didn’t make.

If I was the creator of PERP, I would get a lawyer and BAAAAM!