Fully Destructible Zen Garden

This is kind of like a little zen garden, every aspect of it is in some way destructible. (even the walls keeping you in!)
I definitely plan on expanding on it if it gets good responses (this is not a finished product)
Start with no weapons in case you want to just enjoy the serenity
Weaons Cache (To blow the hell out of the place :])
Small (somewhat destructible) pond
Fully Destructible Atrium
Large archway
Small fountain
Big boom button for the lazy people. (Destroys almost everything you can destroy)
And a bunch more

Made for HL2 Episode 1. (Can be used in gmod) Half life 2 ep1 im pretty sure is NEEDED for this (I may be wrong)

For use in Half-life 2 Ep1:
Extract to
C:/program files/steam/steamapps/username/half-life 2 episode 1/episodic/maps

For gmod:
C:/program files/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmods/maps

link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=81841


Good attempt, but zen gardens look alot different.

aha, its not quite literal. The reason i name it that is the map has a very serene feel when you first get into it

Pros: It has lighting, non-default skybox, and a general interactivity that makes maps a lot better.

Cons: It doesn’t have a “zen” like feel to it. It seems to be generally blocky and low on detail. its good for a beginner map, but not good enough for a popular release.

How would I fix blockiness?

Put more detail into the map. Clip some pointy edges at a 45 degree angle or round out edges. Using the clip tool correctly can make a map amazing.

besides the previously stated, is there anything else?

use [noparse]

[/img][/noparse] tags for your pictures.

Ah! the joys of using [noparse][noparse][img]



needs more detail, and it looks like the top of the building in the middle has a ton of overlapping brushes.

it does, i decided that each object destroying in one shot (whole walls bursting into 3 pieces of concrete) wasnt real enough, so I ungrouped the arch I used to make it and each inividual piece breaks by itself

so when you shoot wood in real life, planks fly off but there’s another block of wood underneath it?

The gibs system in the Source engine is pretty realistic as it is. And overlapping geometry should generally be avoided.

Is it just me or are phys/destructable maps coming back in fashion again?

no, not like that >.<


wouldnt know, completely new to everything gmod/facepunch/source related

It’s blocky.
It’s badly textured.
The skybox doesn’t fit.
It’s tiny, and therefore useless.
Serious lack of detail.

It seems like one of those maps that gets downloaded, played with for maybe 10 minutes, then never gets touched again. Nice effort, but not very practical.

omg I see graveyard.

my map Gm_Dojo was kinda in that style. (Not graveyard I mean)

  • It had Zen garden as well. + House. For it I recommend getting custom skybox.

Make sure you use an hdr skybox. For some, like the one you chose, if it’s not hdr, you can see the corners of the skybox.