Fully Detail/Functional Hot Air Balloon

This took me about three hours counting the many times I’ve had to remake it due to mingebags destroying it.
Sandbags do drop if you pick them up.

I’ll put up a save if demand is high.

Also no hoverballs, keep up right or wire, it uses 4 thrusters and 4 balloons.

Looks pretty nifty if you ask me.

You make your cousin proud

I’d like to see a bit more of the balloon.

Here you go,

Do want

(User was banned for this post ("Meme shit" - Benji))

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Benji))

Well done, was fun to watch griefers attack it.

Everything’s better when it’s destructible!

Download link :worship:

I’m going to have to change the jet on it, I added it without checking that it was an Episode 2 prop. ><

See, i wouldn’t have even thought of that, let alone know how to build it.

Pretty cool.

Hint: Never build on servers, just play with dupes. that has what GMod has came to frankly
penis buttes

lol why is the balloon sealed at the bottom?
I always wondered how they steer those too…

Idc, Average but keep building nice 2 see new faces here that aren’t useless pricks

Need download :buddy: