Fully Invisible Citizen Model with NPC Animations

I don’t know how hard is it to make this, if it exists, or if it is even fully possible, but I am in a desperate need for this ( Yes, need, not overreacting, it’s for a script I’m working on and I really need a fully invisible model since the workarounds for it, those being making the player actually invisible, sometimes don’t work due to Source issues ).

It doesn’t even have to be fully invisible, it just has to be very hard to see.

I could really appreciate it if it had either or all of the following.
[li]Full 5 fingers, not the 3 that the regular civvies have, they don’t have to be animated.
[/li][li]Barney/Alyx animations instead of regular civilians.
[/li][li]Eyeball, face or finger flexes.
[/li][li]Doesn’t cast shadows.

Thanks in advance. I really need this to complete my script, anyone who takes on this request will be credited fairly on it.

Just fuck up the .mdl file.

I was thinking I could just fuck up Barney’s model, since I do want all the fingers and his animations, I just have no idea how to, do I decompile it? Change the model’s flags anywhere or are those into the .mdl file?

Why would that matter?
You wouldn’t see it anyway…

Barney doesn’t use all of the animations, and again, you wouldn’t see them so what’s the point?

Yeah, guess I should have elaborated upon that. It’s for the clothing mod of my script, which is in essence just a shitload of scaling and BuildBonePositions operations. I’m using Barney as a base model, which serves as a skeleton for all the others, however the model is rendered invisible on purpose, so you can only see the clothing stuck on top.

I need the skeleton only, not the model, cause I need the bone positions for it to work properly. There’s some weird engine glitch, and no matter what I do, the Barney model is sometimes rendered ( And I don’t want that to happen because it overlaps with the rest of the clothing I stuck to his skeleton ). The only solution then is to just have a fully invisible model with all the bones and animations on it, so the engine doesn’t have anything to render.

Do you need face expressions if the model is invisible?