(Fully) Nude Zoey by Nahka

Finally the day and time will be arriving. Now that Nahka has completed the nude witch and (his half of) nude Rochelle, he’s begun on Zoey.

We don’t have much to say or show at this point, but, enough we can begin this work in progress topic.

Don’t direct your questions or suggestions or criticisms towards me, I only get to be the messenger and the one getting to test. Voice your opinions and thoughts towards Nahka.

So, let’s get the obvious sorted first:

Yes, she’ll be fully nude. Yes, she’ll have working face poser thanks to a mutual friend of ours willing to help who’s also fixing it for Rochelle.

Also, it’s possible Nahka may change the belt and shoes, mostly to be cleaned up and different textures.

Out of respect for the original author of the other Nude Zoey, he’s not going to pick up where that one left off, this nude Zoey is being recreated from scratch, so, her breasts may be more realistic and logical for a girl like Zoey.

I’ve got two pictures I can share from Nahka so far showing the early beginnings of his work, and he’ll probably be sharing more in the future. These photos don’t show much, but the point is that he’s begun. Once he gets something testable, Rastifan and I will most likely be the ones showing her in Left 4 Dead and Garry’s Mod. Nahka probably will also make a Left 4 Dead 2 add on.

From this point on, I’ll just let Nahka address everyone’s concerns.





Ah, excellent! I’m very happy to see this being done.

Awesome, I can’t wait to see what Nahka can do with Zoey.



He better do what they done with the nude scout’s mom and made a separate dickgirl version :argh:.

Oh god no.





Would be nice to see a jacket-less Zoe since he’s modeling her nude which makes it easier to add clothes. I think you can see in the Sacrifice comic that she’s got a white tanktop underneath the jacket.

This actualy wouldnt be a bad idea.

It could even be faster to make using rochelles arms and zoey’s hands.

And we are off… This will be epic. More flexible than the original and with jiggle bone boobs.

Actualy, elaborating on the idea of the tanktop zoey, how about one for francis and bill too? with ragdolled/prop jackets?


I am a fan of female nudity.

you guys are creepy

I was going to disagree with you but the 3 comments above yours are indeed very creepy.


And that dick girl crap.

I understand.

If a dude (unless you are gay) are not a fan of female nudity, you are either!

Born blind
A pedophile scum
A plant
A fruit
Edward Cullen (he is in it for the blood)…
Fred Phelps (God hates female nudity)

Come to think of it. There are a lot of things you can be if you are not a fan of female nudity. So never mind.



Doesnt seem creepy in the slightest, i was suggesting jacketless models of them for the screenshots and comics section.

Oh BTW how do they manage to decompile L4D models and keep the faceposing on those nude models? I’d be fucking interested.

You don’t. You have to rebuild it.