fully put in l4d(2) please


left for dead in garrys mod, not much realy, there are a few models on the site but most of them dont work,i got a hunter player model but that had a hunch back and that was the only thing that worked(i dont realy want the survivors so i dont know about them),

so uh…

first models from both games, you should be able to have both hunter/boomer/smoker/witch/tank variations not just one

player models of the si,a few (not all) ci and the uci


human weapons

now this bit would probably have to be made by garry for the entire mod, as it will probably require animations and advanced coding

si sweps, i mean come on, who wants to see gman pounce a metrocop- or alyx smoke a hostage? or a hunter boom a poison zombie, or kliener charge barney?

(by the way where are all the models stored for l4d(2)

Do you even own L4D/L4D2?

Could you put this understandable state so I can read it?

both of them

Enough of this. It will never happen. Garry doesn’t want to further abandon users with lower-end computers, I’m sick of seeing threads like this every week.

no i mean adding some models/textures, makeing npcs and player models using those models and maybe gary could add some animations and sweps-i dont see how this would need a new engine

btw he is already planing to switch to the ep3 engine

L4D engine is useless for GMod. If you want models, port them.

MOST Models are ported and working.
Special Infected & Survivor players are in the Playermodels thread,download by SVN.
Sweps should just be the l4d model pasted with css hands or something,but I can hardly believe someone will make it.


There is a Hunter swep,too.


if you mean the hunter swep on garrys mod org it is completely screwed, you thunder punch and jump realy high,you hurt yourself when you hit the floor