Fully Ragdolled GTA IV Motorcycles. (Zombie and Sanchez)

These are 2 Bikes i Ported/Rigged from GTA IV. They are ragdolled as well.
They are the ZOmbie and the Sanchez
EAch has 7 skins.
THanks to Dean for helping me port them and to lillwasa for helping me fix up the phymodel for the Zombie


Holy fuck! I was trying to rip these 2 specifically like a month ago! How did you get them from GTA4? I can’t get vehicles into 3ds Max.

I forget how exactly. My friend Dean helped me a while ago. i also had to do some tweaking with the models and rescale and delete stray parts that were from other variants of the vehicles. ANd i had to flip the UV maps

It’s nice to see you do something other then personal skins for a change, although it looks as if you made one just for the occasion.

Source isn’t kind to vehicles or shiny things in general, so it takes a bit of code wrangling to make things look decent. I’d suggest working on the vmts more; getting the paint to look pretty, and making the tires and metal look realistic using some shader settings from other releases or through research. Considering it’d increase the overall space of the pack by say, 100kb, it’s well worth the research and effort. It’ll definitely be the the thing that’d take this release to the next level.

nice work on these

search a program called sparkIV its a viewer for the game, you can export the models in SMD format and import them.

I never knew you could extract .smd. Good to know! Thanks!

Yea i make a lot of non personal skin stuff as well but most is unreleased or for others. i made these a while ago but didn’t release them. I was also working on a ragdolled SabreGT and a Rancher from GTA IV as well, but i accidentally deleted my virtual machine, and that included my programs and all my projects. :frowning:

will we be seeing the other motor cycles in the near future?

idk about motorcycles but i am still working on a Rancher and a sabreGT from GTA. i have to make them ragdolled now. but if you look above, i said that i have to restart because i accidentally deleted my stuff. http://i.cubeupload.com/UCCoIR.jpg

Are they driveable?

If they’re tagged as being fully ragdolled, what gives you the idea that they’ll be drivable?

Thanks for these Ace, GMod’s been lacking in the motorcycle department for a while now!

Bikes, sweet. Thanks for these!

I hope this guy continues his work. I can’t get enough of these bikes. also… I know it’s not my place to demand or even ask for anything, but i love to see Evil Knievel’s bike or like a skin.

Where’s the faggio? That thing was badass!!