Fully remove scrollbar from vgui

How would you fully remove the scroll bar not just paint it invisible. I need to remove it because it moves my items around when it shows up, or how could i move it to another spot?

If you don’t want a scrollbar in your vgui, do not use a panel that has scrollbar support?

Is there alternative to DScrollPanel that doesnt have a scroll bar? I need it for DIconLayout but the scroll bar messes up the sizing. I physically need to be able to scroll still i just dont want it there or taking up space and moving items around.


If you don’t provide a scrollbar I sure hope you provide some other way to scroll it instead of relying on everyone having a scroll wheel on their mouse (or their laptop touch pad having a scroll input)

Oh of course wh1t3rabbit, I already had that bit planned out I just wanted to completely move it so i can create another one in a different spot so it doesn’t screw up my content.