Fun, friendly Garry's Mod Server?

hey guys i’ve just started playing this game again but im looking for a fun friendly Garrys Mod Sandbox server to just relax and just build, I am playing on Garry’s Mod 12 because at the moment Garrys Mod 13 Beta is not working fully for me. Any suggestions?

Your “Gmod 12” is in fact GMod 13, the beta don’t work no more.

Try singleplayer, thats the best fun friendly sandbox server I have ever played on. No restrictions, no pony crap to download, and no A-holes to get in the way of your fun :smiley:

oh is it hehe im so behind XD

Please leave the text speak off of the internet.

Also, if you want to find a server like that, join random servers.

text what you on about?

You have to have the latest version to play online.

Don’t talk like you do on facebook. Here we write full sentences without the use of XD’s and lol’s.

Custom/personal servers are the best but, very hard to get to.

XD what are you even doing silly billy LOL

No such thing exists