Fun Gamemodes?

I have a small server, that I play on with like 5 or 6 friends, and we have a bunch of gamemodes on there, and we have outplayed some of them. We have Prop Hunt, Hide and Seek, Melonbomber, and a few others. And I was just wondering if anybody could recommend any fun gamemodes to play with a few friends.

A fun gamemode on Garry’s Mod? They don’t exist.

No, they just don’t seem fun because they’re filled with 12 year olds, but if you remove them, they can be quite fun.

but then you wont be able to play

They exist, but they are just buried alive at the bottom of server browser, so kids can keep playing their shitty darkrp/whatever safely.

Deathrun, TTT, Murder.

First two are filled with shitty pointshop garbage and kids spamming their meme binds

third one I have no opinion on because it keeps putting me to sleep

sandbox master race (preferably without 12 year olds spamming dupes from the workshop)

I enjoy TTT late at night, because typically the older crowd is on. There used to be a fun RTS game mode back in the day, but I’m pretty sure the server got shut down last year. If you can tolerate kids, there’s a couple of minigames servers that are fun.

Talking about melon RTS?

Sassilization. I enjoyed it immensely… though it was more on the “serious” side. It was one of the few game modes you could just hop in, learn the controls fairly quickly, and relax.

*Russian and French kids

Hispanic kids as well.

Once I got on, first thing I heard was “DAME CINCO DAME CINCO AYAYAYAYAYAYA”

No thanks.