Fun? I think not

So yeah, I played this game for 5 days (6-8 hours a day) and I was happy for the wipe, to start all over again. Had all my shit on me and then I heard about breaking down walls and shit, how is anybody playing alone able to defend himself? Unless making a prison of pillars so you are just able to leave but not enter… 3 guys came over to my house, satchel charged my metal door in 1 satchel charge… really? 1? While walls takes like 3-4 satchel charges… Compared to metal doors it should be 50+ then… So yeah, Im retired from this shit game untill it will fix stupid things like this…

P.S Hatchet warriors, gather 5 people hatchet down a wall of someone and get free shit.

Anybody who wants a free account of Rust just PM me… got like 7 left and Ill give away one here ( ACCOUNT IS GONE, GAVE IT TO QELROY )

sorry to hear your bad experience though :frowning:

i missed it? D:

People are way to fast and way to lucky for me(If the Account was really given away^^)

Could have been a Troll like usual…

Thank you Rob, really appreciated!

Might be true might be false…The World may never know:D

I removed the acc/pw and replaced it with * so people dont try and take it from him :wink:

This Screen doesnt proof anything:D(Go Team Paranoia)
And why do you have 7 Accounts when most people dont even have one? you must be one of the luckies man alive(If im understanding “got like 7 left and Ill give away one here”) if this is true i mean

robzeen look at ur messages :smiley:

Thread in for lock…:suicide:

I can vouch for RobzeeN, the account DOES work, and i’m playing it right now, so anyone accusing him of scamming, is in the wrong here :slight_smile:

Well i am sorry If he really did give a Account away,but the truth is around 98% of people who say Account/Key giveaway on this Stream/This Thread/PM Me are trolls.

I understand Darksiderq, because i have seen that around aswell, but i don’t really know how i can verify that i got the account, and i’m actually playing right now

Sorry to say this so directly but im noone who speaks around something,But the truth is you can’t really proof that you have got an Account even if posting a Screen with your username in wirten ontop of it with Paint,noone knows if you didnt have an Account already,and if your not just “trolling” with him^^ But if you got an account from him thanks RobzeeN that you given away an Account and Congratulations to qeloy

the problem with rust is the communication, nobody will be friendly because the main way to communicate is through a global chat that you can’t even see chat history on.

If he gave it for free and didn’t ask for any money/anything in return then it isn’t scamming.

Yeah there is no way in hell i can provide you with evidence of that, but simply i pmed RobzeeN directly after he created the topic, because when i pm’ed him, it was 1 minute after he created the topic, so i simply said “I would like the account if it’s not given away yet” and he pmed me back with the username and password, or email and password in this case.

And that’s why i asked him about password changing, because then i felt like it was my “own” but i will simply try the game out, and if it’s not for me, RobzeeN will still have the account :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see chat history, you have to press TAB then at the top you need to click CHAT and that will toggle CHAT History and you can scroll through.

Id like a account please! Thanks alot