Fun New Server (US East)Wiped3/7-DDOS Protec/Very Active

The Server (US East)Wiped3/20-Hardcore/PvP/ActiveAdmin/NoobFriendly is fun and exciting with no holds bar pvp.
The ServerAdmin is very active. its a lot of fun and a great way to meet people/compete/ and if u like to make people mad u can.
So come join the fun.


night 10 min
Day 50 min
Used items to lose durability at .25
Items to break from taking damage .1

Don’t come just to hack or cheat just come with a good attitude and u will see how much fun u will have.

Connection Info:

Server admin name is: RustServerAdmin (add to friend if have any question)

Great server so far!


BAMP! I’m on the server now, it’s awesome.

Fun times so far. Great PVP at rad town!



bump for more peeps!

so far everyone is having lots of fun. so lets keep it up.