Fun Scriptless Gmod Mini-games

As we know there are thousands of things you can do in Garry’s Mod, which includes mini-games.

That’s the Garry’s Mod wiki link to a list of mini games you can play in Garry’s Mod Sandbox.

I have only one to share as I am not creative.

Sawblade Darts

  1. Make a target on the wall using your rope tool. Make it very large and visible.

  2. Make smaller circles or squares inside of your target using the rope tool.

  3. Spawn a sawblade.

  4. Shoot sawblade at target with Gravity Gun.

  5. Play with friends

What Gmod mini games keep you occupied FP?

A good one i like is a derby capture the flag with weapons. The rules are that you cant use any thrusters or turrets, your car cant use wiremod for cheap, auto targeting kills, the car must have atleast 2 explosive barrels on it, and when all of them are destroyed, your out until the next round. You also have to place wire grabbers on the front of you car to be able to grab the flag, once you have it you have to go back to your side of the map past a prop or a rope to score. The flag is generally something ridiculous like dr hax or a fat milf mossman :stuck_out_tongue:

You MIGHT need some resources but its sandbox still. Spawn a jeep or a custom one. Add turrets etc whatever you want, thrusters that have smokes.

Players make their jeep, and such. Turrets max dmg is 25. And nothing about. (Laser by JAWA is fun too)

Use a HP Entitie tool. Set the jeeps HP to 500-1000

Make a small track thats repetitive and fun. Race around with hoverballs with 3,2,1 countdown. Race and shoot! Once jeep hp hits 0, kaboom! XD

i play waterpolo on construct. on phx misclaeneous props, then soccer field, make it half emerged on the water, make goals on both sides, spawn a facepuch ball (floats like hell) (srsly) then un-enable prop protection so your friend can pick the ball, and just play the shit, get th grav gun, pick up the ball and try to shoot it at the enemies goal, i awready duped the waterpolo field, play it alot on a LCA build server.

Me and my friend used to have these wooden mechs that had two flaming barrel launchers on them. That was the funnest thing ever for awhile. The best part was that if you were hit with just one barrel you would lose most of your frame and fall over onto the ground, but the controls made it so that hitting the other mech wouldnt just take one shot, but a well aimed or lucky shot. At one point we had six different people in those mechs and the end result was priceless.

Personal favorite of mine is “Team Basewars”.

I used to have two extra ULX groups: “pink” and “gold” (UTeam names “God’s Dominatrices” and “Fierce Reclamations”, respectively). These would be used for team fights people on the server wanted to do. One such thing is a base war I coined up.

Each team would build a base. Somewhere in the base, anywhere really, is a button that, when pushed, immediately removed every aspect of the base (E2 selfDestructAll() func). You were free to use any weapon at your disposal to get in and hit the button, or just level the base manually (indeed, that’s what one team had to do, after accidentally destroying the self destruct button).

'Twas a lot of fun. I hid my base’s button in a CD stand a bit behind the base :smiley:


Wood Wars (You can do it trust me)

Artistic Creativity: You ,and your friends try to make beautiful buildings ,and have other players rate the beauty. By the end of the day you calculate who gets the highest score.

Old picture, but yeah:

Idea: Ragdoll a player. Weld them to this spinning target looking board. Have fun.

The bathtub car: Irrelevant, that just happened to be nearby.