Fun server, recruiting moderators!

Go here, and try the server:
We are recruiting moderators, so if you are good (mature, non-mingy, et cetera), and get many more people on the server, you may win admin or moderator! If I see spikes in activity, then you will get it.
It’s a 24/7 server, so expect all of the RPing goodness whether its 5 am, or 10 pm!
So tell me, Sandwhich, how protected is the server?
Very protected, admins watch carefully, and there will always be an admin on! The server is VAC protected, too.

Really? Next time you post, put some effort into it.

You shouldn’t “recruit” moderators, simply ask regular players who are mature. By the fact you posted here, my guess is you don’t have any regular players.

What, Get out. We don’t even know what the gamemode is and your expecting us to play it. So yeah, More effort before i even feel like joining.

Also, This

I know, alrighty. It’s DarkRP, and I am only recruiting players who are good. (Meaning mature, non-mingy, non abusive, nor spammy.)

Good luck.

I’ll be sure to drop by later and RDM everyone.

that makes you a cool guy

Thats pretty cool. You see, Im an admin! Alrighty!!! Enjoy your perma-ban during arrival, bud!

Like that’s never stopped mingebags

If there is always an admin on, Why are you recruiting?

Yes, that will stop my aimbot which doesn’t shoot while visible by an admin.


No it isn’t.

darkrp with no minges? BLASPEHMY!

Password. That makes waffle sad.