Fun things to do?

Garrys mod has died down for me now. Is there any gamemode that could possibly get me hooked again ?

depends on your interests

ik just looking for something to do

Grief Killslick’s PERP server :v:

Jk, I found Extreme Football Throwdown to be a really fun gamemode. Or GMod Tower, they have a lot of different gamemodes that are all really fun.

start making models, it’s fun

i got pretty surprised on how many subs this got.

Go ahead and hop on a Half Life Two Roleplay server.
I’ve done my lurking around Facepunch and noticed people don’t like it, but trust me, it’s fun.

You get to progress your characters story and create a name for yourself. Try it out! :slight_smile:

Take up development. No offense to other players, but it seems kind of a waste of time to me to spend your freetime playing a video game with no real benefit to yourself. Garrysmod is a great way to get started with the mindset of being a creator, and the various skills you will learn while developing things will most likely help you in the future with other goals you may have (maybe you want to make a videogame for yourself, or you want to take up a well-paid career in software development).

Yeah this is what I have been doing. I tried my hand at making a gamemode and while it’s not entirely solid I still have fun with it. Even if it’s just an rp gamemode… sigh

Seriously though give it a try, as long as you don’t ask a terribly stupid question in developer discussion you will find plenty of help around here.

darkrp :D?

Sv_noclipspeed 100
Noclipspeed out the map
Watch your view model get more fucked the further you go

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Oh gamemode.
I have no idea

If you want to rage players, yes.

try out that new horizon gamemode. its quite fun, even for a beta

You and a friend join random servers and see who can get banned faster. It is funny to land on the servers with no admin and you are standing saying I have been prop killing for 20 minutes someone then find out no admin is online.

if you have friends have vehicular battles.

Also try running through HL2 with some silly things like different guns, or fuck up NPC skeletons before cutscenes.