Fun TTT server that is fair ( also recruiting admins and moderators)

Hey guys just doing a post here as i have recently created a new server on garrys mod and i decided to do TTT game mode.
This is a fun friendly and fair server that welcomes all.
We don’t take any crap from anyone.
Some key things about our server is :

  • different T weapons like SLAM , fake health station and invisible cloak
  • Killcam
    *weapon stats display on cross hairs
    *new added maps daily
  • BF4 HUDS and scoreboard
  • chat tags
    *tab tags
    and alot more we are adding stuff daily

we need a good fair staff team as of the moment myself owner and a trusted friend of mine being admin is all and school is back so we do need more trusted people to recruit.
So please feel free to join this server and have a look around :slight_smile:

IP -

NAME - Dubstep-Gaming TTT

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, not the server advertising forum." - postal))

Cool, you figured out how to buy scripts of coderhire.

If that name was in the title, I would have stopped reading immediately.