Fun w/ Floors

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve posted. So long that apparently all of my old posts have been deleted. Although I can still find posts that are older than any of mine were…

Anyway, I had a couple of ideas about floors that I wanted to share.

  1. Floor components with openings along one side. Rotate the floor so that the opening is flush with the wall, stick a ladder through it. Alternatively, you could use it in conjunction with the half-blocks to create shelving. Rotate the opening so that it is NOT flush with any walls in a small, one space room and it would allow you to get to the crates along the back wall more easily.

  2. False foundations. As you’re laying the foundations for your base, you leave one or two spaces empty, fill them up with floor spikes, bear traps, or even landmines, then place a false foundation over it. It would look like all of the other foundations, but as soon as anybody places their full weight (fully enters the square) on it, it collapses, setting off traps and possibly trapping the person in the pit if the surrounding foundations are tall enough.