Fun with Brawl Models

Since the Brawl Pack’s finally out I decided to make a few shots just to play around with 'em.

Pit’s looking for good deeds to do!

The Spy learns from the best!

Time to prove who’s the fastest thing alive!

First ones boring, second one the spys face is funny, third I like the idea but at least have one foot touching the ground other than them both look like they’re floating. Also Sonic runs with his arms behind his back.

yeah, I originally wanted to put Sonic’s arms behind him but to be honest the model’s arms are a little wierd to work with…

I love the third ones Idea but it could have been done way better.

The Brawl pack… is out? With Snake? Snake is out?


Sonic is running like the scout to make him feel better and not pwning his ass right away.
I like the third :stuck_out_tongue: Sonic is awesome.

Spy’s face is priceless. 1st is boring. 3rd is a great idea and I thought only Knuckles ran with his arms behind him.