Fun With Car Accidents


  • Don’t take years to finish comics.
  • Really, you forget the whole point of them.
  • Then you think up new ideas.
  • Then all your ideas mingle.
  • Then you just don’t know what to do.

Note Notes:

  • This is my 50th comic

Damn oranges, them and the grapes are plotting against us.

I’m loving all these good comics recently, please keep it up!

Nice Wear! Excellent job my man! Is it possible I spurred you will to finish this fine art of fun?

Anyway, this goes on the list “Why I should keep Wearwolf alive during zombie apocalypse”

Actually I’m sad to say not. I didn’t notice your comic until after I had posted mine…

It may however spur me to work on some other ideas I’ve had for ages.

Well, always something!

Hahaha, this is awesome. :smiley:

Wearwolf and aeon both make comics?

Looks like you better make one too gogi or the chain will be incomplete!

Yay wear, you’re back.

Wear, you gotta switch to gmod 10 brudduh. That whole fight is over.

I know I do, gmod9 hasn’t worked since the HL2 update.

Which is one of the reasons I haven’t made comics, all those models to move.

:open_mouth: Wearwolf is back too!? IT’s like… a chain reaction!

Hahaha. Awesome

Wait for it…

Haha, that was pretty funny mate, keep up the good work.

Why are all the good comic makers coming back all of a sudden?

I’m not complaining or anything, but… I’m just honestly confused. :confused:.

Oh, and, I’m assuming you’ve had these screenshots just sitting for the longest of times, Wearwolf, with no notes saying what they were originally for?

Pretty good at any rate. :buddy:

Well yes and no. I had them laying around for a long time but I knew what they were for (They were in a folder called Fun With Car Accidents). There just wasn’t any record of what I originally indented the dialogue to be. I remembered a few things but must of it I had to make up a second time.

I also resent the implication that I’m “Back”, I’ve been here the whole time man. My last comic was in May, that’s only a few months ago.

Well, okay, a sudden influx. We got a comic from Aeon, Saltypeanut posted a comic, I’ve seen Gogi posting recently.

It’s just making me nostalgia-bombing. And to be frank, Wearwolf, I haven’t seen you post in forever. And May was four months ago.

Sorry to offend you, at any rate. :love:?