Fun with Ragmorph

Ragmorph <-- this came out and i thought it was funny

so i made some vidddeos to share



           Song used: Simple Man (artist unknown)

Mods used: Ragmorph
Map: gm_bigcity


           Song used: Cough Drops - Soundtrack to "The Neverhood" - Terry S. Taylor

Mods used: Ragmorph, Quantum Storage Device
Map: Rp_townsend_v1p


                          Songs used: Drinking With Boos & Gift Shop - Soundtrack to "Return to Zork"

Mods used: Ragmorph, Quantum Storage Device
Map: gm_urbex

it’s kindof a trilogy. i don’t know, i guess it’s funny

boy facepunch forums do not like me editing posts with media tags

cl_drawhud 0 FOR BLOODY GOD SAKE! how many times! must we repeat it!?

oh no i am so sorry i ruined your immersion

i just looked through the videos and the hud literally shows up once, on a throwaway shot. the only other time hud elements show up is some errors (created by ragmorph when i select certain tools) that show up five seconds of the last video, and that was just an outtake. this isn’t my magnum opus. i did each of these in like 30 minutes.

it’s just a silly video damn i am sorry i am not professional garry’s mod video maker like you


You better be >:)

Nah just kiddin man, everyone has to start out SOMEWHERE

what the hell is this

first one was kinda pointless to be blunt about it - nothing really happened

but the second one made me laugh out loud, and the third one put a warm smile on my face.

today’s been a good day and you’re only making it better for me :slight_smile: thank you.

That doesn’t hide the deaths shown in the upper right corner.

How do you hide those, anyway? If it’s serverside I would especially like to know.

did I say I was professional video maker? no.

to hide death notice is

hud_deathnotice_time 0

is that the fucking neverhood soundtrack? if so, you win 5000 gold stars

that is indeed the fucking neverhood soundtrack :smiley: I just edited the original post citing what thingys i used

thanks everyone for your kind words

yeah the first one was just to show to a friend of mine who has not been able to play vidja games much lately, but i something magical happened when i put the song to it. there is no storyline, but the video title combined with his mannerisms imply that he is perhaps intoxicated and trying to get back into his house.

i kinda had different ideas about where the second video should have gone, i was gonna have Dr. Silly hide his lab in the quantum storage bottle and try to relocate, but when i sucked up the lab i forgot to record it :-X

but, rather than record the whole thing or re-set up the lab set, i IMPROVISED. I IMPROVIIIIISED.

and telling me i made your day better made my day better :smiley: thank you

man i am sorry you are so miserable, and that i have apparently wronged you in some way. can i give you a hug? do you have a model or something you would like me to use in garry’s mod so i can make a video of you getting a hug? i really want to make this right, somehow

Don’t be sarcy with me please. =/

i’ve never been less ‘sarcy’ in all my life

Lol’d at the “Metrocops attached to balloons” part. Good work! Remember to hidehud next time more properly though.

I demand a series!

i’m just about to stop hiding my hud altogether to be honest. it’s not that big a deal and if it makes OCD people mad, i’m all over it ;D


should it be completely nonverbal?

go on leave your hud on then if you want you video to look crap.

ToNz; I think you should just leave now.

Nice videos, made me laugh