hi guys i now challenge you guys to make custom sounds for different games
for example:fortress forever,garrysmod,counter strike,tf2,hl2.etc. anything at least as its a game

tip use audacity to record and make it into sounds ive already done that stuff so
yeah good luck!:slight_smile:

First of all: Why?
Why would anyone want to do it? For the prize? What is the prize then?
No prize = Few competitors.
Secondly: Wrong section.
How does this have anything to do with Why isnt this in “Valve Games & Mods”?
Thirdly: Grammar.
Capital letters in the start of a sentence, sentence ending symbols (.,!?) and all I’s should be capitalized if used in a form to express yourself.
Fourthly: Descriptive Title.
When someone sees this thread’s title, “fun!”. What do they think about? A spambot? A bad map/code/model? There is nothing that even referrs to a competition in the title. Neither does the “News” icon.

I gotta say, i agree with Hakita.
And anyways who will do this thing?

Hakita, You listed everything I could think of.

manandspaniel is one of those people who barely speaks English and thinks there is only 1 section on facepunch.