Fun_Dark_Town Version 1

Hello, i’m proud to announce the release of my second map, it’s a cool town at night and it also includes a build part with land + water.
It would be nice to receive some good criticism and maybe a version 2 will come then :).
-This map is made for Garry’s Mod but i took the screenshots in CSS-
I put a nice thing in the map that i’m sure you’d like! Just find it, it’s not hard.
Thanks to all for downloading my map and I hope you enjoy it! Goodbye!

Download here

Its blocky, boring and overused textures. You’re lights don’t have light sources from what I see. Don’t post your first 10 maps, actually make it look good.

Don’t use a roof(?) texture for a ceiling.


Oh also, make window and door frames.

Putting the word fun in the name of a map does not make it fun.


Reminds me of… Diablo 1…?

It’s a good start, I like your architecture.

I think he has potential.
Personally, it reminded me of Sauerbraten.

Looks really bland and boring, seriously blocky.

It needs some spice. Add some details, ledges, arches, railings, doors, windowsills, etc.

Why did you mention “fun” in the name ?