func_brush - Allowing people to pass through, though not props?

I’ve seen this done in a certain HL2:DM coop map, though I forgot the name of the one that I played.

Yes, I used it in my newest map.

EDIT: Forgot to check back in the thread for replies, sorry.

Now how did you do it?

You don’t really understand how these threads work do you?

Well I found the map I saw it in: js_build_puzzle_fourteen_v6

It must have decompile protection in it, I found a hacked VMEX though that just outputted a 0 byte VMF.

From the looks of it, the brush itself only stops npcs and players. may its something else used with it?

Yeah, I noticed that.

Func_clip_vphysics using a filter_activator_name set to disallow entities with the name of “player”.

Thanks! That worked great!