Func_Detail Advice. - for me!

hey people.

I rarely use func details cos my maps are rarely big enough to benefit from them.

I need it now though, and i know how to use them to a certain extent, as long as it is not a main geometry brush, then detail it, but, i need help deciding wether to do it to this.>

(The red, is the part in question)

none on the outside, apart from the door frames, but, you may need them on the inside.
only func_detail brushes that aren’t blocking visability

Yes, make those windows func_detail. And that window on the second floor too.

make the glass, func_breakable

Alright, thanks - i don’t know why i marked the windows, they cant be detail, they are breakable.

Thank youuu


I dont get it.
If it’s blocking visibility, it means you can see it, meaning, you can’t func_detail anything?

func detail anything that has more than 6 faces, or is small that it cuts up the visleafs to shreads.

a sod it, here’s a tutorial

Thanks :smiley:

Basically any brush that isn’t a right angle.

It can’t really be said as single as a brush not in right angle or anything having more than 6 faces.
Look at this:

That’s just a simple example of what to func_detail.
As the name says “detail” it must be done on details on buildings and such.



there are more things to consider than just that

Right, which is why I said basically.

Yeah okay

Well, i read that meaty optimization website,

and i read your above posts.

I get it, thanks.