func_detail explanation

Can someone explain to me what kind of brushes should be func_detail?

For example, if you have a building ( that doesn’t provide map boundaries ), should that still be a world brush.

What about fences… I’m guessing they should be func_detail.

Another question:
If you need bins, benches, signs etc in your map, should these be props or is it okay to build them with hammer?

Thanks a lot.

I always looked at this way. If it doesn’t close off your map/or part your main geometry it should be a func_detail. This may or may not be correct, but that’s how I’ve always done it.

Look at the maps in Half-Life 2 and it should give you an indicator as to what and what should not be func_detailed. In those maps you can see that the majority of the map is a func_detail.

If it doesn’t block los, or it’s a cylinder shape, it should probably be func_detail. However, you may find that there are exceptions to this.

Thanks guys, I’ll give all this a go. Still trying to get my head around ‘good practice’ of map making.