How do I make one?

Umm… do you have any experience in mapping?

Select the brush CTRL+T change to func_detail

Thanks, and no not with Hammer.


Hammer isn’t the only mapping tool available.

Quark and GTK Radiant work, just not very well I believe.

Also, the question was, have you mapped before (paraphrased), not have you func_detailed before.

i was just asking what other mapping software have func_detail


Well, despite how pointless, I named them for you.

Because hotkeys by themselves is the way to teach people how to do something.

If all that is required is the hotkey and a dropdown and you can complicate that further, then you’re bad at advice.

well the end result may be a hotkey, there might be a lot of things to consider beforehand, which makes it not as simple as a hotkey. Which brushes should be func_detailed, will these brushes free up some of the cluttering of my visleafs if I func_detail them, What happens if I func_detail a displacement, etc.?

tl;dr There’s a lot of stuff behind it…

He didn’t ask where to use it though did he? Just how to make one.