Func_details + area portals = ???

Say, I have a map completely made of func_details, of course I have made sure that it does not leak, but is there any chance that I may optimize it with portals?

I’ve been wondering about this issue for a while now.

Making every brush func_detail isn’t always a good thing. Only use them on complex brushwork. Otherwise, if you wish, you can further optimize with areaportals. They are very, very annoying to work with, though.

The above.

Don’t tie every single brush a func_detail, especially the brushes that are used to surround the map from the void. Func_details “tell” the compiler that the brush isn’t a brush used to surround the map, and should be used on complex brushwork to increase optimization.

Area portals on the other hand are a bitch. Basically, it prevents the player from rendering the world outside the area portal when the player isn’t looking at it. Area portals can also be linked to doors, meaning, the player doesn’t render the outside world when the door is closed (note that the area portal brush must be placed exactly where the door is with the initial state as off).