func_door lighting

on the left is a func_door that spawned down, it reacts to light and its texture is visible
on the right is the same func_door only it has spawned up, it does not react to light and its texture stays black

does anyone know how i can set the func_door on the right to react to lighting? it seems that if it spawns inside another brush or in an area with no lighting, it stays with the lighting it spawned in.



func_door doesn’t have dynamic lighting, whatever lighting values are calculated for its brush faces are what it will always have. If you want the door to have light from a specific position, you’ll have to move the func_door to that position and use reverse logic on it to control it.

There’s a key called “Spawn Position” which controls whether the door starts open or closed, so you’ll have to treat that in a reverse fashion (ie. if the door is closed, it’s open and vice versa.) So put the door in the closed position and set the “Spawn Position” to “Open”.

ho crap thats a painful way to deal with it. thanks for the solution.