Hello. As some people may be aware I am currently in a group collaboration to make a Half Life 2 RP map. We have used several “func_instances” to implement other large things into our map. Such as a train station and apartment complex’s. I would say at the moment we have about 4 “func_instances” being used. They show up in the VMF and everything works fine. But, when we compile the map, they do not show up in-game. Does anyone know why and / or know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Source 2009/2007/2006/mp don’t support compiling func_instances if I’m not mistaking. Although it may have something to do with the gamedata key in the gameinfo.txt found in the alienswarm or portal 2 folders.

Yeah, valve made it so the 2009 config shows func_instances as being a valid entity, but it doesn’t actually support compiling them. It exists solely to tease us.

TF2 does. You can compile it in TF2, if you mount EP2’s content (like this, when you want to keep your folders clean).

Really? Does the resulting compiled map work in GMod?

Of course it does. Why else would TF2, CSS, HL2, DODS, Portal, … maps work in GMod?!

It should work in EP2 as well, it doesn’t matter if TF2 supports those entities, it compiles them anyway and leaves it to the game/mod whether it works or not. That’s how you can access some GMod features by disabling SmartEdit or creating a custom FGD file.

I used TF2 to compile a canceled EP2 map. The many doors and breakable windows and the diagonal stairs are easier to handle when they are implemented as instances.