func_movelinear misbehaving in gmod

I basically copy/pasted one of my Portal 2 maps into gmod, since it used almost no entities specifically from Portal 2. While most things work well enough (nothing I can’t fix, anyways), there’s one big issue; a func_movelinear isn’t moving properly. I’ve set it up so that when I want it to go to the right, I set it’s speed and open it; that seems to work well enough. When I want to stop it, I set its’ speed to zero; that works as well. When I want it to go to the left, I set its’ speed and close it. But that causes it to start moving to the right, exactly like opening does! I can’t get it to move left at all, despite fiddling with ent_fire as much as I could. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is?

For a workaround use a momentary_rot_button. Make it invisible, without collisions and uncheck the flags that allow players to interact with it. Set it’s start value to 0.5. on its outputs have this:


Place the movelinear where it would be all the way to one side.
It will pop to the distance that is in the middle of fully opened and fully closed when starting the map. So you should look at it like values under 0.5 are “backwards”.

No for moving it simply fire your inputs to the momentary_rot_button … So for example

Onpressed>rot_button>setposition > 0.75

As a more hacky resolution, have you tried setting its speed to negative?