func_physbox, lock z axis?

Im making a helicopter, and the helicopter is a func_physbox.
if i fly the helicopter, it falls straight back down but i want it to float in the air,
Is there anyway to lock the z axis or something to keep it floating?

Post questions in the help thread, and you don’t need to make a thread per question

And the answer is no. You need to give enough thrust from the thrusters to negate the natural effect of gravity.

I would say use a trigger_push set to only affect physics objects, but I don’t remember if there’s a way to filter out which object to only affect.

It’s not a great idea though, because huge trigger_push brushes use tons of CPU time and cause strange bugs.

like ironphoenix wrote, you must play with the thrusters force. i did not watched entirely youre example video, but i guess its the same way i made my helicopter years ago.
mine was/is working with: w= up.
s= down.
a= left.
d= right.
lmb= up+forward.

the w button is for up and if you dont give it to much force and if you practice enough on tabbing ingame with the w button you can keep the heli nicely on one level and even rotate it with a an d. but to fly forward/backwards and keep it on one level is a big problem then. so i added one extra up thruster that was working with the forward thruster under my leftmousebutton. this extra up thruster you muste tune so that it keeps youre heli on(almost) one level and that will differents on where you will run that map on. running it on youre own comp or on a server on the same gravity will make a differents. so test youre thrusters force in the manner you will be playing it with/without youre friends.
with that lmb extra i now can press w to go up then let the w button loss and press the lmb to go forward and almost on the same level (it took me minutes to fly for a few units to go lower) now you can use the wsad buttons to go all directions .

only problem is that valve f… up the pod/point_view and the fuel price’s are to high to fly with my heli.

Just for that, you get a :v:.

And this thread has been really helpful to me actually, cos I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to make a brush-based train that you can drive without being tossed around the cab due to movement.