I was planning on continuing an old map and I was wondering if there was anyway to prevent the precipitation from going through props as if they did not exist. Is there some way to make the precipitation collide with props in a map (and props spawned through the gmod spawnmenu), or do I need to have a special type of precipitation where it is a lua file that creates a sort of fake precipitation? I couldn’t find another thread that involved this topic, so any help would be appreciated.


Not possible, either live with it or create separate precipitations.

Particles will do the trick. Either via lua or particle emitter.

The weather mod includeds a rain thingy but you have no control over where it spawns.

You can’t.

Just make multiple func_precipitation brushes and put them above the prop and around it

Particles can collide with physics meshes, I think it’s fairly expensive though.

Precipitation collides with anything in CS: GO’s engine version