Func_Rotating blocked

I have got a large func_rotating that continously moves around, but when the player steps on it, it stops moving. I dont want to make it do damage to stuff that blocks it, is there any way that I can make it just not get blocked? its a giant hollow circle, so I cant understand why standing on it or in it would block it. Is there some way I can do this, or should I be using an alternate entity?

Unfortunately there is no way around it…not that i have ever found anyway.

use playerclips?

Could you do that if the player needs to move with the brush?

I thought there was a “Don’t allow player block” setting/flag?

Nope. The closest thing I could find was a friction setting, but it was blocked even at 0% friction. What other alternate setups would be able to replicate that though? Like a physbox and a thruster or something? Theres got to be a more civilized way than that.

That’s only on func_rot_door and again, only on close.

put a player clip 1-2 units outset from it, then parent it to the rotating thing
or use phys_motor


Change the solid type from “Vphysics” to “BSP”. That should do it.

Thanks. I was a-feared to mess with the solid type, what does changing it to BSP do?

VPhysics uses ingame calculated physics, VBSP compiles it as part of the maps world brushwork and uses precalculated physics.

(I think, Not entirely 100% on this)

Sounds about right

I think that BSP simply treats it as though it were BSP, not a model or something that uses VPhysics

Well, in that case, then it uses Pre-calculated physics.