Func_tank and Prisoner Pods

How would I go about making a func_tank turret that I could aim and fire while in a prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod?

Amazing what you can do with a google search:

I looked there but it doesn’t explain how to make the gun active and able to fire while the player is in a vehicle, like the prisoner pod. It just explains how to make one that can activate while the player is in the trigger space.
I’m assuming i have to set up outputs from the prisoner pod to activate the gun, but the “Activate” output isn’t activating the gun. Am I using the wrong output or do I need to put more outputs?

Well, your prisoner pod is acting as the trigger space right?

And i believe their are check to see if there is a player inside the pod.

My prisoner pod is acting as the trigger space, and I have the output from the pod being “PlayerOn” (entity name of func_tank) via this input “Activate.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t do anything.

And is this in gmod?

Because some things such as func_tank’s don’t work properly as far as i can remember.

This page says there is an Input called “Use” which is what I need, I think. But it isn’t in Valves FGD’s, so how do I go about puttign it in so it makes a “use” fire from the prisoner pod when the player enters it?

No, this is in HL2.

Thats exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
I’ll post which method works for me when I finish.

The method I got to work (in short) is: The turret is aimed at an info_target parented to the end of the barrel, with the func_tank parented to some func_rotating brushes to change its direction. The player controls the turret from the pod via a game_ui.

Not quite how I wanted the turret to work (doesn’t even function like this one) but it serves the purpose.